One Word to motivate, push and drive me through the year. One word to help me set goals, add achievements and see my success. The first time I heard of picking a word for an entire year I loved it. It excited me to have a singular focus for the entire year - for me that was far less daunting that a list of resolutions that I almost always would fail to complete. This year my word has come to me as - execute.

One Word • Execute | 2018

Amazing Coffee Shops In Fayetteville |
Coffee. It's the brew that gets me through the day as a Mom, Wife and Entrepreneur. I love waking up to the sounds of my machine getting that first cup going still there are times when I like to let someone else do the pouring. Luckily Fayetteville has some pretty amazing coffee shops that I'd love to introduce you to.

Amazing Coffee Shops In Fayetteville