8:28 Blessings Share Social {Week 4}

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,

to them who are the called according to his purpose.” 

Romans 8:28


Have you ever had a day when it just seemed like life itself was set against you? Maybe a situation you wanted to go one way went completely left and you couldn’t figure out why?  Or someone seemingly random crossed your path and for a reason you didn’t know left an impact in your day?  Do you have a testimony that you feel could lift someone else from a low place? Or simply a personal praise that may brighten someone else’s day?

In my life I call my these Godly set-ups my 8:28 Blessings.  [Tweet “The #828Blessings Share Social is a place where we can come together to share our praise stories.”]

8:28 Blessings

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MY 8:28 Blessing:

My story starts a couple of weeks ago with a post I wrote about my first day as Leader for my Girlies’ Daisy Girl Scout Troop.  When I sat down to write it I knew that I was going to make it a series, Girl Scouts: 2 Daisies And A Leader.  I wanted to keep a written record of the journey I was going to share with my Girlies and the adventures I knew we would have as I tried to balance being not only Momma but Troop Leader as well.

After I finished the post, I did my normal review and edit process and then went in to compose my Tweet.  Trying to write appealing content to draw readers for a new post in a 140 character limit can be a bit of a challenge at times.

At the last moment before hitting that ‘Tweet’ button I decided to rearrange some things so that I could fit in the twitter names for the both the Girl Scouts USA (@GirlScouts) and my local Council The Girl Scouts of North Carolina Coastal Pines (@GirlScoutsNCCP).  I have been followed by my local council since last year and often mention them in tweets concerning our Troop and I usually include the larger council on the off chance that we may get a ReTweet.  Yet,this time I felt lead to do so.

Once I hit the send button I pretty much went on with the rest of my day as usual.  Editing, writing, posting, tweeting, reading, etc.  Then maybe an hour or so later I got an alert through my phone….

photo 1 (23)

Okay!  So not only was my post read and noticed by my local council but they wanted To REPOST it on the Council Blog?!?!?!?!  I was floating on Cloud 9…!! Was this seriously happening?

**I was also getting ReTweets about our Troop’s awesome new Slogan “Cupcakes & Hand Grenades”  1 of our Leaders came up with it because we are an Army Base Troop…get it Grils (cupcakes) and Army (hand grenades) LOL

Then not maybe 2 minutes later I was slapped in the face with just a bit of God’s exceeding and abundant #828Blessings

photo 2 (21)

Wait! Wait! WAIT!  Not only did they want to RePost it but they wanted to start a full on SERIES?!?!?  Yes Ma’am that’s just how AWESOME my God is!  All this from an unction to add them to a tweet that I was all set to send with my normal {New Post} format.  Aaaaah Thank God for listening to the whispers of the Spirit.

So, the rest of that day was a flurry of emails and scheduling with the Social Media/Marketing Department and the results?  My first article: The First Meeting of my new SERIES with The Girl Scouts North Carolina Coastal Pines was officially published yesterday, September 20th! I could not be more excited, grateful or blessed than I feel right now.

This is truly a story of #828Blessings because I had no idea where that one tweet could lead…yet My God did!

Now its you’re turn…
Come, share, connect and fellowship…. with your #828Blessings

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Tiffany Haywood a/k/a MrsTee, that's me...I love to share my everyday journeys as Follower, Woman, Wife, Momma to my Team (4 beautiful Kiddies plus 2 handsome Stepsons), Woman and Friend and experience a bit of Love, Life and Laughter with Me!

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