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Hi there!  So here’s the space where you get to know about me. First thing is the ‘Tee’ in MrsTee stands for Tiffany. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband or as you will learn I call him most often my ‘Hubby’ for almost 10 years now.  We have 6 children in what we call ‘TeamHaywood’. Their ages range from 19 down to 3.  Specifically 19, 17, 15, 7, 5 and 3.  Yes I know I had have a bit of an extra large gap in there and no I don’t know what I was thinking…LOL.  I’m proud to say I am Momma to all even though we are a what I guess is a called a ‘blended’ family yet as far as love goes we are all one big happy ‘Team’.  I refer to the younger ones as my Kiddies(2 Girlies and 1 Buddie) and the older more hmm let’s say moody members of the Team simply as the Teenagers (3 Boys).


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Mother’s Day is 1 day set aside to celebrate the gift of Mother’s and all they do for their children and families.  Yet there are times when a Mother can forget to Celebrate herself.  PrettyInPynk.com wants to help Celebrate Mother’s with a $25 E-Gift Card to spoil yourself OR that special woman in your life.


#WordlessWednesday – The Eyes Have It!

My Buddie Boy has these eyes…eyes that when he wants to can melt me into a puddle in under 5 seconds flat.  Every time it happens the first thing I think of is this scene from Puss In Boots…

Wordless Wednesday The Eyes Have It


Do your kids have any tactics they use to melt your heart

and your defenses?


Spiritual Inspiration Through Song – #TunesdayTuesday

With the Easter Weekend so recent I have had my faith and what inspires me on my mind even more often than usual. Music is a big part of my inspiration and of what helps me stay focused on my faith and having strength in life. Do you make music a part of your spiritual inspiration?  Share your favorite Spiritual or Inspirational song with us this week!


The Bunny is Gone But You Can Still HOP With The Mommy Monday Blog !


Welcome to the Mommy Monday Blog Hop!


We hope you all are having a wonderful Easter Weekend and Day with family, friends and lots of memories being made. Even though the Easter Bunny may be hopping on his way The Crew of The Mommy Monday Blog Hop is still here and we are ready to HOP with you! So grab those posts and let’s get started…


WEAR You’re Brand With AlliedShirts.com

Am I the only person who see’s something on a t-shirt and thinks “Hmm…that must be official?”  For some reason seeing a brand in material and color seems to give it that extra stamp of approval.  So when AlliedShirts approached me with the opportunity to create My Own Custom t-shirt for MY Brand I was beyond excited! This was my chance to wear MY Brand!


Guess Who’s Back…? The #AskAwayFriday Return & Sneak Peak!

That’s right!  #AskAwayFriday is back!  When did we leave you ask? When our lovely creator, Penny from RHOCC, decided she needed to focus on her family’s latest blessing …expecting Baby #3 we thought the end of #AskAwayFriday was in sight yet there were a few of us who just couldn’t let it go.


LISTEN | One Word 2014 Update

So back in January I came across a wonderful post by my friend Michelle from Divas With A Purpose.  It was a post where she explained how to choose and begin to focus on One Word for the entire year.  I wroteabout my choice, LISTEN, a few times after choosing it but thought now would be a great point in the year to do a bit of an update on how I’ve been doing on focusing on the word LISTEN in my life.


Join Me In The Fun of CGSwaps The Favorite Color Swap!

That’s right folks!  Let the colors gather because it is time for the Favorite Color Swap yet another great Blogger Swap Hosted by the lovely Ladies of  Chaotic Goddess Swaps - Goddess Beth and Miss Angie!  These two ladies have come up with yet another unique and original way for Bloggers to get to know each other while exchanging some really great gifts.


#WordlessWednesday – Bursts of Spring!

A few weeks ago I was searching everywhere for a few signs of spring but now a mere 2 weeks later I am seeing bursts of spring all around me and I Love It!


Bursts Of Spring WordlessWednesday


Are you beginning to see Spring Burst forth in your neighborhood?

What are some of your favorite Spring Colors?


#TunesdayTuesday – Strut Your Stuff!

Every woman has that tuner hat makes you want to do a strut.

Well for this week’s #TunesdayTuesday we want you to share those tunes with us

and let us all take a Strut Walk just because we deserve it!

  TunesdayTuesdayHop Beth We all need a little music in our lives. A good song can answer a question, soothe the soul and provide an escape. It can recall a memory in the most vivid detail and evoke the most intense feelings.    “Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.” -Sarah Dessen We created Tunesday Tuesday to do just that, bring people together through music.   Every Monday night at 9pm the link up will go live at The Patchwork Paisley, Drinking the Whole Bottle, StructureInAnUnstructuredLife, and MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter. We will designate a theme, and hope that you will share a song that embodies said theme for you. Post the video for the song, an audio clip, the lyrics- however you want to do it. Then, write a little something about why this song captures the week’s theme and link up your post here with us!    Visit your hosts after 9pm (EST) on Monday nights  to find out what the theme is for the week!   Rules? It would be awesome if you would follow your lovely hostesses (links below,) but other than that- let’s have fun with this! Know a fellow music lover who should get in on the party? Let them know about it! Want to share you groove with the world? Tweet it should you feel so inclined. Want to grab a button? Go for it. It’s really pretty and you’ll find it down below. Host Follow Links: TunesdayTuesdayHop Follow                                         Meg                        Jen                               Beth                          Tiff                              Bloglovin’Twitter                       Bloglovin’ - Twitter                       Bloglovin’ - Twitter                  Bloglovin’ - Twitter                   Facebook                                                 Facebook                                                Facebook                                        Facebook   Send A Tweet & Grab A Button! Let’s Share The Music: